Meeting date: 
Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Webster Free Public Library

 Trustees Annual Meeting

Wednesday, May 25, 2022


The meeting began at 4:08 p.m.  Present were Cathryn Clark-Dawe, Director, Nancy Picthall-French, Chairperson, Marty Bender, Treasurer and Leslie Collins, Secretary.  The meeting took place in the Meeting Hall next to the library.  The meeting was video recorded.

The Secretary’s report for 4/27/2022 was reviewed and accepted.  In the fourth paragraph under Old Business, the second line was changed from “She read two violations aloud and Cathryn addressed both violations.  She has rectified both situations.” to “She read the violations aloud and Cathryn is addressing the violations.  She is rectifying the situations.”

The Treasurer’s report as of 5/25/2022 was reviewed and accepted.  Marty gave Leslie a reimbursement check for $53.88 for a $50 gift card Leslie has on hold for future use (purchased for Jim Ramanek who cancelled due to illness).  Nancy gave Marty a bill for the dues to the NHLTA.

The Director’s Report from 4/24/22 to 5/21/22 was reviewed and accepted.  Cathryn has jury duty on Tuesday, July 12.  Library coverage will be addressed once it is known the impact it has on her work schedule.

Old Business

Cathryn will do the final revision of the New Resident letter and brochure.

          Thirteen participants attended the Garden Group meeting on Sunday, 5-1 at 1:30 p.mLinda Clark shared a chart about invasive species and had pamphlets to distribute.  Participants brought in samples of their invasive species for identification.  A Book Swap allowed everyone to leave with new reading material.  On Saturday, June 4, 2022, there will be a plant swap at Pillsbury Lake Village District Clubhouse (rain or shine) which will be supervised by Donna Kenney.  All residents of PLVD and the Town of Webster are invited to attend.  Specifics are outlined on the Webster, NH Facebook page.  Participants are encouraged to bring bare root plants due to the presence in our area of the invasive Asian Jumping Worm.  Donna said she would have an area set up so the roots of plants could be rinsed.  She asked for volunteers for refreshments.  Nancy had a conversation with Donna Kenney and the decision whether to have the plant swap is pending due to prevalence of the invasive Asian Jumping Worm.  Donna will do an inquiry on Facebook.

            Cathryn is awaiting responses from three air-conditioning companies.

            The Trustees attended the NHLTA conference on 5-10-2022 at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord.  Nancy shared her feelings about the recommendation to update/revise/view the Ten-Year Plan as a strategic plan which could be modified every two years, as well as writing up a final report at the termination of the plan.  Leslie spoke about inclusivity and virtual computer support.  Marty talked about emerging technologies for libraries.  All agreed it was a great day.

            Marty will call Emmett and inquire when the library sign will be posted.  Cathryn had expressed that she would like to see a wheelchair symbol posted with the new library sign outside by the ramp to avoid confusion about the two entryways.  After a closer look, she discovered there is a small wheelchair symbol visible.

            Cathryn submitted the findings from her statewide consortium regarding Juneteenth (Sunday, June 19, 2022).  The results were varied.  Although Juneteenth is a federal holiday and is listed in RSA 288:1 as a state holiday, it is not a paid holiday for NH State employees.  State offices will remain open.  The board decided to review this again.

The Trustees will participate in Old Home Day this summer.  Leslie volunteered a pop-up tent and two folding tables.  She volunteered to be the set-up person.  More details will be discussed at a later meeting.  Leslie will contact the OHD committee. 

            Nancy and Leslie recorded vacation dates.  It was decided not to hold a Trustee Meeting in August.

            Cathryn has addressed the violations of a safety inspection from the State of NH Department of Labor.     

The movie for June is Nightmare Alley on Friday, June 17 at 7 p.m.  Leslie will deliver snacks and water.  Leslie and Marty will attend the movie.  Marty is showing Lonestar in July.

            Peg Foss responded that there are enough Celebration Bags at the Food Pantry on 5-24.

New Business

            Cathryn has been successful at posting the Director’s Report on the Library’s website.

            Leslie gave Marty a receipt in the amount of $15.99 for teak oil for the memorial bench in front of the library.  She has weeded the front garden, spread the mulch (still waiting for two more bags of mulch), and has swept the winter sand off the tar onto the side hill.  Marty will contact her when the two bags of mulch are delivered to the library.

            Nancy had a conversation with David Nesbitt, who is running for State Representative for District 26.  She inquired if he was interested in a candidate forum, and he respnded he was.  More action will be taken after the filings of declaration in June.

The meeting ended at 4:53 p.m.  The next meeting will be held in the Meeting Hall next to the Library on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, at 4:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Collins, Secretary


Summary of duties during June 2022

* Marty will contact Emmett and inquire when the library sign will be done.

*Marty will reimburse Leslie for $15.99 for teak oil.

*Marty will deliver two bags of mulch to the Library and will text Leslie when it is delivered.

*Marty will continue to bring the itemize budget lists to the meeting.  He will also bring the page entitled “Actuals” to each meeting.

*Cathryn will do the final revision the New Resident Letter and the brochure. 

*Cathryn will post the Director’s Report online.

*Cathryn will continue to investigate replacing the air conditioner. 

*Cathryn and Nancy will invite the public to the next Trustees Meeting on the town website and the Library’s Facebook page.

*Leslie will contact the OHD committee and inform them of our participation.

*Leslie will spread the mulch at the library and monitor the front gardens.

*Leslie will monitor the need for Celebration Bags at the Food pantry.  Last contact May 24.

*Leslie will do the sign for the Garden Group and put it out in front of the library. 

*Leslie will do the sign for Nightmare Alley and put it out in front of the library on June 7.  *Leslie will supply individual snacks and mini bottles of water for Movie Night on June 17.  *Leslie and Marty will attend the movie.  Leslie will get the Boscawen couple’s phone number just in case we have to cancel on a short notice.

*Nancy will follow up with David Nesbitt and other candidates.

*Nancy and Donna will advertise the garden group meetings.

*Nancy will invite the public to the Movie Night on the town website, Pillsbury Lake website, the Facebook page and in the Concord Monitor.

*Nancy will welcome new residents to Webster and the Library with the welcome letter.