Dog Licenses

dog paw tracks

**Renew your Dog License by April 30**

New Dog Registration

A certificate of rabies vaccination from a licensed veterinarian is required.  The fees for dog registration are $7.50 for a spayed or neutered dog and puppies under 7 months, and $10.00 for an unaltered dog.  For owners over 65 years old, the registration fee for the first dog is $3.00.

Dog License Renewal

If rabies is current, it is not necessary to provide a certificate.  Fees are as stated above.  You may renew in person, by mail or online.  Dog licenses must be renewed by April 30th each year.  After that date, there is a penalty of one dollar per each month late.  If dogs are not licensed, additional monetary penalties of civil forfeiture ($25.00 + service fees) are incurred.