Burn Permits

Burn Rules

The following rules apply for outside burning.  The only time you can burn brush without a permit is when the ground is completely covered by snow.  The rest of the year permits are required for all outside fires including outdoor fireplaces and chimeneas.  With a permit you are only allowed to burn firewood and brush, you are not allowed to burn trash, treated wood, demolition material, or brush greater than 5 inches in diameter.

How to Obtain a Permit

Please apply for Burn Permit onlin at the NH Division of Forests & Lands Online Burn Permitting System. Or, permits can also be obtained at the Public Safety Building on Wednesday nights after 7:00 pm.  If you want to have a fire during the weekend, please plan ahead and get your permit on Wednesday night at the Fire Department during the Department's regular meetings.  Our deputy wardens are often busy on the weekends and not available for permits.

  • Deputy Warden Rob Wolinski
  • Deputy Warden Emmett Bean
  • Deputy Warden Bob Drown
  • Deputy Warden Cyndel Donoghue
  • Deputy Warden Jake Drown
  • Deputy Warden Ryan Dubuc
  • Deputy Warden Matt Turyn
  • Deputy Warden Ben Smith