Meeting date: 
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Webster Free Public Library

Trustees Meeting

February 19, 2020


           The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m.  Present were Cathryn Clark-Dawe, Director, Nancy Picthall-French, Chairperson, Marty Bender, Treasurer, and Leslie Collins, Secretary.  Cathryn attended the meeting until 4:30 p.m.  She provided written notes of her input for the remaining agenda items.

The Secretary’s report for January was reviewed and accepted after it was noted that hoopla does not begin with a capital letter.

The Treasurer’s report for February was reviewed and accepted.  Marty transferred $1000 from the Mainstay Account.  A transition in job assignments has delayed the payment from the town.    


Old Business

The Trustees participated in a Book Sale at the election on Tuesday, February 11 and made $143.27 in donations.  The Trustees felt as though it was a worthwhile endeavor.  Marty will take care of the boxes on the stage. 

            Marty attended the Budget Hearing.  Approximately 30 people attended and it lasted about two and a half hours.  No comments were voiced about the Library’s budget.

            Jim Ramanek will be rescheduled once he is fully recovered, possibly in the fall.

            Cathryn reported that nine hoopla users have borrowed a total of 22 titles; 11 audiobooks, 5 comics, 2 eBooks, 2 movies, 1 music, 1 television.  From January 27-31, hoopla cost $12.95 and from February 1-18 cost $48.17, for a total of $61.12.  Cathryn did not recommend purchasing an electronic device for the public because previous owed devices were not popular.  The Trustees decided to wait to see if anyone requests to borrow one.

The February movie, The Good Liar, on 2/14 @ 7 p.m., was attended by 23 people.  The following movies will be shown for the next two months:  Dark Waters, 3/20 @ 7 p.m., A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, 4/10 @ 7 p.m.

Leslie reported that Stephenie Horne would not be able to attend the Trustee Meeting.  Leslie volunteered to be a spokesperson for Stephenie.  Stephenie did not have anything additional to report out this month.  She has not received any updates nor has she been able to research other walks.  She has had to focus on other action items after submitting the grant.  She has not heard the timeline for decision making on the grant but will let us know when she does.

The 30th Anniversary of the Library will be revisited in 2021.  Cathryn provided the clarification that the Open House for the new library was to be held April 15, 1991.

Cathryn submitted a review of the use of each of the Museum/Park Passes;  Currier Art Museum 4, Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum 1, NH Telephone Museum 0, NH State Parks 3, SEE Science Center 8, Strawbery Banke 2.  The Trustees agreed with Cathryn’s recommendation to keep all of the passes for another year.  It is good public relations with the surrounding communities.  Strawbery Banke is usually more popular.  The NH State Parks Pass is new, so it would be nice to see if interest in it grows.

  The Library will sponsor The Squam Lake Science Center’s Creatures of the Night on Saturday, March 28 at 2 p.m. NH Audubon will present NH Raptors, Their Lives and Survival on Friday, May 22 at 7 p.m.  Nancy has scheduled Women’s Suffrage from NH Humanities for Friday, Oct 2 at 7 p.m.

Cathryn will be on vacation on Sunday, February 23, Monday, February 24 and Wednesday, February 26.  Marty will facilitate the Book Group while Cathryn is on vacation.

Cathryn emailed a flyer outlining the services at Webster Free Public Library to Kaitlin Camidge, the School Library Media Specialist from MVHS, for her teen outreach event.  

            Cathryn noted a typographical error on the pink bookmarks given out at the Book Sale in the Jim Ramanek section.


New Business

            Cathryn provided a description of technology training on collecting oral histories by Bobbi Slossar, Technology Librarian from the State Library.  Marty has attended one of her workshops, the length of which was an entire day. He requested that Cathryn find out how long her presentation would be if a workshop were provided for the public.  Nancy wondered if the Historical Society would be interested in participating.

            Marty brought up the idea of starting a Garden Club.  He will consult with Donna Frost about her interest, dates, times and the first organizational meeting.  Should it occur when younger people can participate, possibly on Saturday afternoons?  Nancy suggested the UNH Extension Service as a resource.  A plant swap was suggested for May. Containers of stone dust as a soil amendment could be given away.

            Nancy asked if there was interest in sponsoring a Meet and Greet the candidates for Select Board.  All Trustees agreed.  Nancy will contact both of the candidates, Ben Nadeau and David Hemingway, confirm a time/date and advertise the event.

            The Conservation Commission asked if they could use the message board for advertising a clean-up event in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in April.  All the Trustees agreed.


            The meeting ended at 5:17 p.m.  The next Trustee Meeting will be on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.  There will be an election of officers and the Director’s presentation on the progress of her annual goals.


Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Collins, Secretary


Summary of duties during March 2020:

*Marty will take care of the empty boxes on the stage left over from the Book Sale.

*Marty will facilitate the Book Group while Cathryn is on vacation.

*Marty will consult with Donna Frost and brainstorm ideas with her regarding a Garden Club.

*Cathryn will contact Bobbi Slossar and ask her how long her technology training would run for the public.

*Cathryn will present the progress made on her annual goals.

*Nancy will contact the candidates and advertise for the Meet and Greet.

*Nancy will inform the Conservation Commission that they can use the message board.

*Leslie will put the message board out for the Meet and Greet and the movie.

*Leslie and Nancy will provide snacks for the Meet and Greet.

*All: will set up the projector, chairs and provide snacks for the March movie, Dark Waters, 3/20 @ 7 p.m.,

*All: will set up the projector, chairs and provide snacks for Squam Lake Science Center’s Creatures of the Night on Saturday, March 28 at 2 p.m.