Building Permit Process & Septic System Procedure

Building Permit Process & Septic Designs New/Replacement Procedures

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) has a web based on-line system which allows NH permitted designers and installers, and NH licensed surveyors to apply for septic system and subdivision approvals, pay application fees via credit card, and view application status.

The Town of Webster now requires two (2) sets of plans and a check for $150.00 made payable to "Town of Webster" along with the "Local Approval For Construction Of An Individual Sewage Disposal System" to be submitted by the designer on behalf of the property owner.

Mr. Thomas Baye, Life Safety Code Enforecement Officer for the Town of Webster, will then be contacted to inspect the site.  If approved he will stamp the plans and return one to Town Hall and keep the other for his records.  The Local Approval Form will be forwarded to DES to complete the process.  DES strongly encourages all applications for construction and subdivision approvals to be submitted electronically.  If you have questions, please contact Mr. Robert A. Tardif, P.E. Administrator, Subsurface Systems Bureau, Land Resources Management by email or phone at (603) 271-2904.

A completed Building Permit Application must be returned to the Town Office with the fee of $0.25/square foot for residential and $0.35/square foot for commercial.  The application must include the approval number from DES for the above referenced septic design.  The application will be reviewed by the Life Safety Code Enforcement Officer and the Board of Selectmen and the Driveway Application will also be reviewed by the Planning Board.  Every effort will be made to complete review of the application within 10 working days. Work shall not be started on the site until a permit has been issued.

If building is to be located in the Pillsbury Lake District, the Pillsbury Lake Building Review Board must also be contacted.  Their information can be found online at the Pillsbury Lake Management website.