Town Clerk's Office Temporary Relocation

Due to the overwhelming effort to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, the Town Clerk's office has been relocated to the Webster Police Department with the same hours.  This will allow the office to remain open yet provide a safer barrier between us and accommodate those needed in-person visits.  I mean this in the nicest way; please still STAY AWAY.  Complete renewals through the mail or leave in the drop box outside the Public Safety Building, 851 Battle Street. This is for everyone's safety.  Do your part in minimizing the spread of the Coronavirus.    Obviously I cannot move the entire office and therefore will have minimal supplies on hand.  If you want to know if I can help you before making the trip, please call first.

Face Masks:  For the safety of all, please wear a face mask if you enter the Public Safety Building.  Thank you for respecting this request.  If you feel strongly against wearing a mask, then you will either have to drop off/mail your business or wait until the scientists say it is safe.  There are many towns that are closed completely or it is by appointment only.  Respect the precautions asked of you instead of challenging them or the Webster Town Clerk's office will also be closed.

Parking:  Park and enter at the front of the building to the Police Department. 

Office Hours:  Remains unchanged Mondays 8am-noon & 4-8pm; Wednesdays 8am-noon & 1-4pm; last Friday of the month from 8am-noon

Drop Off:  I urge you to still utilize the mail for transactions such as motor vehicle/boat renewals and dog licenses.  If you are paying with cash and do not want to mail; there is a locked box outside the Public Safety Building if you want to drop off your business.  If you are not using your renewal mailer, please indicate which vehicles you would like to renew by including the license plate number on the check.  It delays the process when I do not know what you want renewed.  Please remember only one check payable to the Town of Webster is needed.  The amount to the State is included in the Town figure. Please provide your contact email or phone number in case I need more information.  

PHONE:  If you are trying to reach me by phone, please continue to call the Town Clerk’s number, 648.2053 and leave a message.  This sends me an email and I will be able to return your call.

I direct you to the following two DMV Press Releases, 

DMV Expands Appointment-based Services - May 7, 2020

DMV Extends Expiration Date of 20-day plates - April 23, 2020

Transitioning to Appointment Only Services