Beware of yet another Scam

This one is personal. Please be cautious.
important message

We have been made aware of a new phone scam where the caller is identifying themselves as someone from the Webster Police Department.  Even the Caller ID indicates the call is from the Webster Police Department.  The caller is claiming an arrest warrant has been issued for the individual and asking for money to avoid being arrested.  This will NOT happen in the real world.  Do NOT provide personal or bank account information over the phone. You should hang up and contact the REAL Webster Police at 648.2200 or 228.1800 to report the scam call.

I will share the Webster Police Department has been calling individuals in town to check in on them because of the COVID 19 circumstances.  We are not asking for your personal information let alone any bank account information.  If you have not received a call and need something, please let us know.